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'Living the Dream' was our entry into the Mofilm Polo Mint

Advertisement competition 2016.

We were shortlisted for the Cannes Movie Festival 2016.

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Our Epic Movie, The Return,  is a supernatural thriller filmed in and around the High Peak area of Derbyshire.  ​It is not for the 'faint of heart'  and viewer discretion is advised.

Our Movie won a place on the Oska Bright Film Festival and was shown at Brighton Dome in 2015.

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'Who's Johnny Long Arms' is an Audio Drama.  Its was written and performed by Life You Choose members and is a spin off from our movie 'The Return' and again, be warned, it is a little scary.

It was designed to be heard on Radio and Websites dedicated to audio entertainment.  We have recently been shortlisted for Best Original, Short Form, Self-contained Production at the Audio Awards 2016 Competition and can be seen listed here at the Audio Awards 2016 website.  The competition is open to the world and we are so excited to get placed.  We will keep you all updated with any further news.

It has also been accepted by The Sonic Society and can be listened to at their website at this link

Or listen directly to our upload by clicking the image or this link​​

​We always have a laugh.  It is great to be with friends.  I have learned things like making music and puppets and make films and use cameras, it is well good.

​​( Carl Greenall, Gamesley )


Here are some of our Projects for you to enjoy, simply click the image to view or listen

'We are Gamers' is a song written and composed by all our members.

It has been played on various radio stations both locally and around the world.

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If I didn't have Life you choose, I'd be board at home. 

( Katie Wyness )

Creativity is key!  New projects, new skills and meeting new people.

It has given me experience for my drama lessons at school.

​​( Georgia Turner, Volunteer, Glossop )