The Return

Life You Choose have entered this short 1 min movie into a competition hosted by MoFilm for Polo Mints, video coming soon as we can only show it after the competition

We would like to thank our friends for their support

MoFilm Polo Mint Competition Entry

Moz TV

Moz interviewing our members, Danny, Gaynor and Julie. (Moz was made by Life you choose)

Dare you to listen to our chilling drama... 'Who's Johnny Long Arms'
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If you like our drama, you will love our film 'The Return'

The Return is a psychological thriller, set in and around Glossopdale, the film follows a film crew who come to Glossop to make a documentary, on their arrival they discover that there is something strange about this sleepy little town... are there ghosts? parallel dimensions? or is it all a hoax?

The films psychological angle draws you in, whilst building the suspense, and feeding you information to keep your mind racing and questioning what is going on.

Who's Johnny Long Arms - Radio Drama